How to Foster

Have you ever thought about having a dog but don’t want to commit to keeping a dog for life? If so, fostering may be ideal for you.

We frequently have to ask people to wait for a few weeks before before we can take dogs in as we simply don’t have the space. Many of our dogs are ready to be re-homed but are waiting in the kennels. With more foster homes available we could place one of these dogs in your care allowing us to free up space for those dogs that really need it.

By fostering one of our dogs, you are providing a dog with the opportunity to learn, or retain their social skills in a home environment. This gives the dog a head start ready for when they move into their forever home, as the dog will already be house trained, used to sleeping in a house at night and be familiar with visitors.

Although most of our dogs are happy living at the Sanctuary, it does mean that they are not learning or using the different social skills that they will need when they are finally re-homed. Life in a home with a family is very different to life in the Sanctuary.

As a foster carer, you would be involved with the re-homing process, contributing to ascertaining the suitability of a potential new owner, and with taking the dog to their new home.

As with adoption we would need to walk through the simple steps to make sure that you are able to provide the environment that the dog you want to foster will require. Check out the How To Adopt page for more details on these steps.

If you are interested in a role as a foster carer for one of our dogs.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3 Days


To Decompress

Your dog will begin to relax. You may notice them testing boundries or being withdrawn. I’ts okay, they’re settling down.

3 Weeks


To Learn New Routines

Your dog is now much more settled. They are getting into a new routine. You may notice some change in behaviour as their true colours start to show.

3 Months


To Feel at Home

Yay! Your dog is now comfortable in their new home. They have learnt you keep them safe. Trust is being built up. Watch this space because you’re creating a true bond now.





Not looking to rehome, you can still make a difference with a donation.

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