About Us

We are proud to be a no-kill sanctuary

Hidden in the North Welsh countryside is Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary. Set up by originally by Anne de Berry in 2002 as a passion project, we became a fully fledged registered not for profit organisation in 2010. Nearly 10 years on and the Sanctuary is going strong thanks only to the kindness, support and generosity of people like you. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the countless kind-hearted people we’ve encountered along the way.

No Kill Sanctuary: No Sad Endings

We are proud to be a no-kill sanctuary. We believe that every dog deserves a second chance. Some of the dogs that come to us have been from broken homes where they’ve suffered abuse and neglect which can have an influence on their behaviour. But with the hard work, patience and dedication of Anne and her team, the majority of these dogs are rehabilitated and go on to be adopted into their new forever family.

Even the more severe cases, where the dog has been pushed too far and they remain aggressive/ not deemed safe enough to live outside the rescue, have remained with Anne as resident dogs. These dogs are treated the same as the others, given the same care and attention. After all, we don’t believe that any story has to have a sad ending.

Why Adopt With Us?

It would be wonderful if we were struggling to fill our kennels, but the sad reality for us, and in fact every dog rescue, is that we are constantly at maximum capacity. Our dream is for every dog that comes into our rescue to move back out in to their forever home.

We have dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes that will suit people of all ages, ability and lifestyles. When you come to us in search of a dog, whether you have one in mind or not, we try to pair dog and owner as best we can. The better this pairing, the more successful the re-home.

Have a look at our Happy Tails page to find out how the dogs who’ve found new families have got on, and how the owners have coped too!



Not looking to rehome, you can still make a difference with a donation.

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