The last few years have been difficult. Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary, like so many other rescues, have been hit hard. Covid disrupted our volunteers and sadly took some from us. The cost of living crisis sent food and fuel prices soaring. Now, we face our worst crisis ever. The animal sanctuary sits high up on the hills overlooking Snowdonia and we have been absolutely battered by strong winds and excessive rainfall. So much so, that unfortunately, we have had to close two of our kennel blocks. That means, we can no longer take in dogs that are in need of re-homing or rehabilitation.
We are a NO-KILL sanctuary and the last hope for so many animals. We get at least 10 calls a day asking us to take in abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs. However, more and more calls are from people who are being made homeless. They want a safe place for their fur baby while they get back on their feet. A service we have always offered free of charge. We are turning down so many.

We urgently need help

We are pleading for donations of money, building materials, and time. If you are a builder or have experience in building or carpentry please get in touch. If you are an electrician and can donate your time please get in touch. If you can donate building materials please get in touch. If you can help financially please go to … and donate. If you have a spare couple of hours please come and volunteer. The dogs would love to meet you and it’s cheaper than going to the gym. If there are any vets out their that would be willing to offer reduced rates for a rescue please please get in touch.

We have been a lifeline for so many. Help us to continue that legacy.

Urgent Appeal
Urgent Appeal
Urgent Appeal

We believe that every dog deserves a second chance.

Our Dogs for Rehoming

Hidden in the North Welsh countryside you’ll find the proud Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary. Some of the dogs that come to us have been from broken homes where they’ve suffered abuse and neglect which can have an influence on their behaviour. But with the hard work, patience and dedication of our team, the majority of these dogs are rehabilitated and go on to be adopted into their new forever homes.

Even in the more severe cases, where the dog has been pushed too far and they remain aggressive/not deemed safe enough to live outside the rescue, have remained on site as resident dogs. These dogs are treated the same as the others, given the same care and attention.

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We don’t believe that any story has to have a sad ending.

What you need to know

Here you’ll find all of the dogs that have completed the assessment period and have been assigned into rehoming or sanctuary dog categories.:

If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, could you please fill in an application form.

Not looking to rehome, you can still make a difference with a donation.

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