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About Keisha

Breed: Malamute

Size: Large

Energy Level: High

Family Friendly: Not suitable for families with young children


Keisha has been here now since 2017 (approximately 6 years old). She was referred to us when her former rescue requested their vet put her to sleep as they found her too aggressive to handle. She was in a sorry state on arrival, thin and soaked in stale urine as the rescue had been unable to get her out of the kennel. She was very worried and reactive for a week or so but as she relaxed into the routine her gorgeous affectionate side began to shine. Fun loving, cheeky and very popular with the walkers she is definitely a malamute. Not too good with other dogs except for outrageous flirting with our other Malamute Marley who is such a wuss, she frightens him.