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Re-homing Information

We try to keep our adoption process simple but effective:

1. Discussion
2. You visit the dog at the Sanctuary
3. We visit your home with the dog
4. The dog stays at home with you

To try and keep process simple and effective for long distance adopters

Once your household property has been checked and suitable for a dog then you will be able to take a dog home

This is only if the dog has not shown any aggressiveness or fear etc. or hasn't been challenged. 


•  The Adoption Donation is a non-returnable donation to Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary towards its dog's fund.

•  If you are unable to keep the dog for any reason, it must be returned to the Sanctuary, or the Sanctuary allowed to check the new home and sign an adoption agreement with the new adoptees (there is no fee for this).

• Dogs adopted from the Sanctuary should not be put to sleep except on genuine medical grounds. Dogs should not be put to sleep if they develop inappropriate behaviour, even if advised to do so by a canine professional. Just return them to the Sanctuary or contact us for advice.


We like to have an informal chat with you to discuss whether your property is suitable for a particular dog, and if we feel that you and your lifestyle are compatible with that dog.

We try to establish a few facts about you and your property, such as:


Are you fit enough to exercise a particular dog?

  • Different breeds and ages of dogs require varying amounts of exercise to keep them fit, healthy and happy.

Are there other people in the house?

  • Some dogs may not feel comfortable in a crowded environment.

Are there children in the house?

  • Some dogs are not very tolerant of young children pulling and tugging at them.
  • Particular dogs may not be considered safe around babies or the very young.

Are there other pets in the house?

  • Some male dogs do not live well with other male dogs and this can cause tension.
  • Dogs can be fearful of other dogs due to bad experiences in the past.
  • We have dogs who prefer to be in a home with other dogs, particularly if the owners go out to work.
  • Dogs for re-homing include those who will live happily with cats, and others who will not.

Do you have a garden?

  • Many dogs, particularly smaller active dogs, like to spend much of their day running around...
  • ...However, we would consider a home without a garden for certain dogs if ample exercise can be provided.

Is your home and garden secure enough for a particular dog?

  • We have dogs who can jump, swim, climb or simply barge their way out of an insecure garden or home.

Do you have adequate knowledge or experience for a particular dog or breed?

  • Some of our dogs have been badly abused or neglected in the past, and our time spent rehabilitating them may have been wasted if an owner is not fully confident and competent with a particular breed or with continuing to support the dog with getting over previous experiences.
  • Some dogs can be quite wilful if allowed to be, so a confident and competent handler may be needed with a dog that has been headstrong in the past.


We arrange for you to come and visit the dog or dogs, and spend time with them.



We arrange a date to bring the dog to your home, and after checking that the environment is suitable for that particular dog, we spend an hour or so in the home environment with the dog, you and your family. Then, if all parties are happy that you and the dog/s are compatible, then the adoption form is signed and a pre-agreed, non-returnable donation is paid. The dog will then stay with you. If the environment is deemed unsuitable for that particular dog, or we have any genuine cause for concern regarding leaving the dog there, then the dog is returned to the Sanctuary, so it is best to be honest about your home environment and situation at an early stage.



We hope that you will keep us informed on the dog's progress with you, by telephone, e-mail, Facebook or by visiting us. We also encourage you to be honest with us about any problems you may be experiencing with the dog, as we're quite aware that it takes a while for the dog to settle in with you, and for you to get used to a new dog in the home.


You may decide after a period of the time that things are not working out between you and your dog. Once again, we urge you to contact us with any problems or issues concerning the adopted dog.