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Fostering Information

We frequently have to ask people to wait for a few weeks before before we can take dogs in as we simply don't have the space. If we had some reliable and responsible foster carers, we could save the lives of more dogs by placing dogs who have no problems in a household, instead of kennels, or place one of our kennel dogs with a foster carer to free up a kennel.

Have you ever thought about having a dog but don't want to commit to keeping a dog for life? If so, fostering may be ideal for you.

By fostering one of our dogs, you are providing a dog with the opportunity to learn, or retain, their social skills in a home environment. This gives the dog a head start when they are rehomed, as the dog will already be house trained, used to sleeping in a house at night and be familiar with visitors.

Although most of our dogs are happy living at the Sanctuary because of the interaction and exercise that they are provided with, it does mean that they are not learning or using the very different social skills that they will need when they are finally rehomed.

As a foster carer, you would be involved with the rehoming process, contributing to ascertaining the suitability of a potential new owner, and with taking the dog to their new home (we always send somebody who the dog is familiar with).

We would need to speak to you to establish your knowledge of, and experience with dogs, and with different types and breeds of dogs, in order to find the dog that is most suitable for you. We would also need to visit your home to check that your house and garden is suitable for a particular dog. It is necessary to do these checks to ensure the safety of yourself and the dog, and to try and make it a good experience for both of you.

If you are interested in a role as a foster carer for one of our dogs, then please contact Anne de Berry for an informal chat.