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This cheeky chappy gained the nickname Bailey 'Ball' because of his love of balls. He refuses to go anywhere without either his ball or his lead in his mouth. Bailey is full of love and affection for people and never shown any signs of aggression towards a human. However, we don't know that Bailey can leave the sanctuary because of his extreme dog aggression. But with your help, you can help us provide Bailey with all the balls he could ever chew.  

Because of Bailey Ball's kind hearted nature, we would be able to arrange for you to come and take him for a walk (which involves finding a nice space to sit and cuddle) if you wanted.

If Bailey is a dog you would like to adopt, you would need to fill in our dog rehoming application form with demonstrable skills that you are able to provide a safe home for Bailey or our other Staffies like him. We have a strict policy that unless we believe dog aggressive dogs can be adequately provided for, we do not put them up for adoption. This is for both their safety and the safety of other dogs.