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Dog Rehabilitation


We specialise in dogs who have experienced trauma and/or are difficult or challangeing in their behaviour, and with helping them to achive a well adjusted state of mind.

We do not adhere to any particular method of working with dogs, but treat each dog as an individual.

Some dogs respond very quickly, and others can take much longer, depending on the level of trauma experienced, habits developed, the responsiveness of the dog, etc. 

All of the dogs in our care are treated with the utmost respect. Our priority is not in training dogs, but in maintaining fit, healthy and happy dogs who are well-balanced in mind and body and fit for rehoming.

We never use any inhumane methods on dogs and do not condone the use of electronic or prong collars.

We understand why people will use muzzles on dogs in certain situations, particularly if advised to do so by a professional. However, we do not use
muzzles on our dogs 
(except if we feel it is needed for a particular procedure with a particular dog
) as we feel that it can add to the dog's fear of situations, and we always remove muzzles on a dog's arrival, with the aim of helping the dog to become manageable and safe in any situation without the use of a muzzle.

We do not share the views of many societies/individuals on dogs being destroyed because of psychological or emotional problems. We have never yet met a bad dog...only frightened, anxious or mishandled dogs.


Although some dogs respond very quickly to rehabilitation, others have experienced severe trauma and may be a long-term project (humans with psychological or emotional problems often take years to respond to therapies).

We accept dogs who are sponsored by other rescues and individuals if they feel that the dog is difficult to handle or control in some way, or could benefit from spending time with us.

We also offer an in-house rehabilitation service, either for your dog to come and live-in at the kennels so that we can work with the dog continuously, or if you're local, you can make an appointment to bring in your dog and have a chat with Anne about the problems that you're experiencing.

For your dog to live-in, the cost is £125 per week (bear in mind that the fee for a boarding kennel is £70 per week).
We will work with your dog to address the issues that are concerning you, and when you pick up your dog, we will work with you on how to continue with the rehabilitation.

For a consultation appointment with Anne de Berry, all that we ask is a small donation to the Sanctuary.

You will not be provided with technical, textbook jargon, but practical and useful advice on actions that you can take. We look at what we think may be causing the dog to behave in an unacceptable way. Each case is looked at individually and time spent with you and your dog.

If you are interested in any of our rehabilitation services, then please contact us.